WINventory is my  take on the problem frequently asked of me "How many of our computers have xxxx ?". I am a System Administrator, and this is one of the most common questions asked by MIS types for one reason or another (licensing, costing, upgrading, etc, etc). Most of the people I've delt with fall out of their chair when I explain the licensing and costs involved with SMS Server from Microsoft. Personally, I never really found a program of this type I was happy with, and that could easily be extended with queries, plugins, reports, etc. Hence, I decided to write one myself.

This I did for both the above reason, and to learn things like vbscript, wmi, php & mysql. Fortunately I already had the basics of php and MySQL down, so this speed up initial development. My first version of WINventory is still in use by my former employer, but since I've left, they have asked that they be able to create queries, etc from the web interface. This, and the thought that I knew I could do better, led me to a complete rewrite. This is what is to be the project here at SourceForge.