Windows Inventory

Windows PC Auditing Software


Do you want to know exactly what hardware is in your PCs ? What software is installed ? What are the Serial Numbers ? When was it installed ? What "Other" devices are out there on your network ?

Windows Inventory could be just what you need. All data is retrieved using Windows built in VBScript and stored in a MySQL database. Data is displayed in a web browser, generated using PHP.


23rd July, 2006.
Open-AudIT, the replacement for Windows Inventory is nearly ready for it's first release.
The forums here have now been locked. They are still searchable, though. The new forums contain the last 30 days from these forums, and new categories for Open-Audit.
The Open-AudIT webpage is here -
Open-Audit is a Sourceforge Project, just like Windows Inventory, but I have decided to host the web pages, externally.
Open-Audit is also GPL, just like Windows Inventory. Initially, Open-AudIT will have rediced functionality, compared to Windows Inventory, but I am hopeful of catching up, and surpassing Windows Inventory quickly.
The initial release has a language file, so it can be translated to any language. I am encouraging everyone to have a look, and translate it to your native tongue. Send the include file back to me, and I'll include it in the next release.
Going forward, Open-AudIT is a much cleaner code base, and should be much more stable. Thanks for your patience, I hope it will have been worth it.

0.9.00 pre release number 2.

8th November 2005.
0.9.00 pre release number 2 is up for download. There is still much work left to do, but it is suitable for testing. Please see the forum post for more details - HERE.
0.9.00 is still on track to be the best release so far - more functionality, language translation and set up for Linux and Mac to be added down the track.
Have fun.

Progress Update.

5th October 2005.
I have revisited the add_new_pc.php input form. I now takes NON SQL data, and parses it, checks the DB for entrys, and inserts or updates the DB as necessary. This has taken a fair bit of effort, but I think it's worth it. There will be much reduced SQL Injection security worries. No clients will need MyODBC installed.
There is full audit trails being logged - no data is deleted, it is inserted if it isn't there, and updated if it is.
I am still working on this, but most of the info is being recorded successfully. I am happy :-)
0.9.00 is shaping up much better, everyday. Hope you can wait, I can't !!!
Below are some screenshots of the new 'blue' colour scheme, and the 'Win' icon set.

Progress Update.

26th September 2005.
I am currently running WI using uuid's as database links.
I have PCs auditing not needing MySQL installed on the clients.
I have full audit logs for all fields recording in the database.
There are three colour schemes available (red, green & blue).
There are three icons sets available (Crystal, nuoVeXT & Windows).
There are many other small improvements and bug fixes.
I have not yet quite finished language translations.
I have not yet finalised the audit trail for all fields (it's recording, I need to report on it though).
Once these last two items are complete - 0.9.00 will be released.
Thanks for your patience - 0.9.00 will be worth it, I promise.

Website Revised.

15th August 2005.
Was bored with the old website - so here's the new one.
It is inspired by the Kubrick blog theme.
0.8.05 should be out soon - new monitor detecting (script used from the forums).

0.8.04 released.

9th August 2005.
Many bugs fixed. Quite a few Feature Requests implemented. Checkout changelog.txt for more info.
Make sure to run setup.php to upgrade, there is a single database addition.

0.8.04 audit script released.

6th June 2005.
This is an experimental audit.vbs.
Initial testing seems OK, but I am asking for feedback.
It is possible to specify how many audits you wish to run AT THE SAME TIME. A much requested feature. This should speed up large audits dramatically.
V2 currently supports both ldap and external file scans. It also inputs the OS detected into the software table - hence you can use it in the Software Register. The fix for the nslookup problem is also included.
Any feedback appreciated.

0.8.03 released.

2nd June 2005.
Just a bugfix release. Please see the BUGS forum for a list of fixes.

0.8.02 released.

27th May 2005.
Just a bugfix release. Please see the BUGS forum for a list of fixes.

0.8.01 released.

24th May 2005.
Many bugs were harmed in the making of this release !!!
Now includes hfnetchk integration, among many other features.
Please report any bugs to the Bugs forum.

0.7.04 released.

18th March, 2005.
Bug fixes in the web interface mainly.